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The best thing about Mondays? Them being Manicure Mondays! Today I’m showing you the easiest way to give your nails a ladybug effect. What makes it so easy? OPI did all the work for you, you only need to apply the polish.

Polishes I used:
OPI Black Spotted (Spiderman Collection)
Sephora Crush in Moscow

Black Spotted works best when you only apply one coat of nail polish as base. I chose Sephora’s Crush in Moscow because it covers very well and evenly in just one layer. Next you apply a very thing coat of OPI’s Black Spotted and the dotted structure appears right before your eyes.

The only downside is the stench of Black Spotted. Of course nail polish doesn’t have the nicest smell on earth, but Black Spotted is much worse, so I’d strongly advise to mind ventilation while creating a look with this top coat.

Have a wonderful week!

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Snapshot Sunday

For starters, I apologize for the random hiatus. I hadn’t planned for it but life has been keeping me busy. I have continued to swatch but I haven’t gotten down to editing the photos and writing reviews. I do plan on catching up at some point, but I honestly can’t tell you when that’ll be. I’m working quite a bit with the upcoming holidays and the rare spare time I have left is often filled with other obligations.

Fortunately though, I’ve been able to head out with my camera for about an hour. Below are a few photos I took. Click to enlarge.

Let me know what you think of these, please? :-)

P.S. As  you’ll notice, I’ve changed my tag. This has to do with the fact I use these photos for a different blog as well.

Number One Goddess

A few months back OPI released a collection based on the latest Spiderman movie. One of these polishes is Number One Nemesis, which I’ll be showing you today.

For those who are familiar with OPI’s ‘Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous’, this color is very similar, only the base is more blue with gold than plain old silver grey. It’s over the top glittery for a metallic nail polish and I love it. It’s so nice and sparkly, it brings up the entire color and it makes you want to stare at your nails all the time.

Application was easy as the formula is just right. Number One Nemesis is fully opaque with just two thin coats. Personally, I think the color looks nicer after three thin coats. I’m wearing two coats in the pictures.

Just look at the close-up above. Who doesn’t love this? :-)

Happy Saturday!

Products featured were purchased by me for personal use. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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Snapshot Sunday

I finally replaced my old and broken iPod Classic a while back with an iPod Touch and I’m happily snapping away with its intergrated camera. Here are a few random shots I did, using Instagram.

Taking care of my plants. I can only keep Crassulaceae and Cactae alive so those are the only plants I have. Unfortunately, the middle one of the Crassulaceae started to look all dried out but the Pokon helped immensely! It’s almost back to normal now :)

Posing my stuff to take pictures for the shop log I posted earlier today.

Soaking up the last bit of sunshine in the back yard.

I won two CD singles by Linkin Park in a contest I accidentally entered, lol. A music store posted a photo on their twitter, asking if anybody was a fan of the displayed artists. I replied I love Linkin Park and next thing I know, I’m being asked to enter my address so they could send the singles. I may have done a little victory dance.

As much as I like Instagram, the filters don’t really improve the way food looks on a picture. I was having toast with pine apple salad (which ended up very yummy) but the photo is a bit blah.

Nail mail I received yesterday. I subscribed to a magazine and would receive a Herôme beauty bag as a welcome gift. It was delivered yesterday and contains the entire Australia collection, Oxy Base Coat, Oxy Top Coat and a one-minute drying spray. I cannot wait to try everything out!

On a random note, I counted my polishes after receiving the Herôme package and I own a grand total of 442 polishes right now. Maybe I should buy less nail polish, but then… Look at all those fall collections! I doubt I’ll be able to resist, lol.

Happy Sunday!

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Shop Log #007

I had a day off earlier and decided to do some fall shopping. Here’s the log of my new things.

Clothes: Dark green skinny pants by Mexx, two t-shirts by Mexx.
Scent goodness: Burberry Brit Summer Edition Eau de Toilette and Calvin Klein’s Obsession Night Eau de Parfum.
Nail polishes: Catrice and Essence, see below.

The Burberry Brit Summer Edition was on sale ’cause it’s obviously out of season. I happily bought it for 20% of the usual price and will keep it stored till Spring 2013. I’m a big fan of special sales and generally don’t mind having to wait before I get to use a product because I get to feel proud for waiting, lol.

Four polishes from Catrice’s Cucuba Collection; Sunny Side (review), Reggaeton, Salsa Cubana, Havana Drum. There’s a fifth polish in this collection, a mint blue/green creme called ‘Take It Mint’. It was the color I wanted most from this collection but all stores had already sold out. Very frustrating because I looked for it in 9 stores. Eventually my mom ran across it at a local shop and bought it for me, even though she doesn’t approve of my nail polish obsession, so yaaay! :-) I guess people really do listen to me when I whine about missing a polish from a certain collection, haha.

Two Essence Nail Art Special Effect Toppers from their new Fall collection; Holo Topping, please! and Mrs and Mr Glitter. Fortunately, I got lucky finding these at the 3rd store I hit. I think more and more people are starting to buy the cheaper brands or something, or I’m just unlucky to always run into half empty displays. Or maybe it’s pay-back for all those times I previously completed my collections without any trouble at all? I certainly hope not!

I’ve also pruchased a small photo studio set for micro shots. I’m still experimenting with it, but I hope I’ll be able to start using it for my swatches soon. Until then, you’ll get the swatches my usual style :-)

Are you already stocking up on Fall collections? Drop me a comment!

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Ain’t No Sunny Side

With the leaves falling and the sun slowly disappearing, Catrice manages to bring a little sunshine into our beauty lifes still, with a limited edition called ‘Cucuba’. With a name like that, it’s not hard to guess which country inspired this collection. Today, I’ll be showing you swatches of one of the polishes; Sunny Side.

I love this color in general and I’m really pleased it’s into fashion this fall. Catrice managed to make this a perfect fit to a pair of pants I own, lol. In all seriousness though, it’s a gorgeous mustard yellow with warm orange undertones and yellow/golden micro glitter. Generally micro glitter doesn’t transfer to the nail all that well, so imagine my surprise when this one did!

The formula is a bit on the thick side so this affected the application little and it was very streaky. But with the price you pay for a Catrice nail polish, one can’t really complain to much now, right? :) I’m wearing two coats in the pictures as suggested by Catrice on the backside of the bottle. I would probably recommend applying three thin coats for this one.

What are your thoughts on this bright and sunny polish?

Products featured were purchased by me for personal use. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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Our Lady Copper

Finally I have a manicure to show you on Monday again. This time it’s a jelly sandwich. It was admittedly the first time I tried this as I don’t have that many jellies (I generally dislike them). But I saw this look all over the internet and figured it was worth a shot. And it turns out, I actually liked it :-)

Colors used:
Catrice, Ultimate Nudes 030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame
Essence, Nail Art Special Effect! Topper, 09 Copper’ize Me

I used applied 2 coats of each so 4 coats total, on top of a base coat. My nails obviously felt a bit ‘thicker’ than usual, but the look was worth it. I chose My Café Au Lait because I knew it wasn’t very opaque and figured that would work rather well with a jelly sandwich look. I was pleasantly surprised with this look because the nude color made it so subtle, but the glitter turned it into something special. I received many compliments and I couldn’t stop looking at my nails. I will definitely be trying this look for often! :-)

Have you tried any jelly sandwich manicures? Which colors did you use?

Products featured were purchased by me for personal use. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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